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Hearing and your Health

In this episode, Dr Rob Eikelboom helps us understand that hearing is part of the whole body, how it is connected to many aspects of health and illness, and how illness or injury can affect hearing or vice versa.

In this episode, you will learn

How hearing is related to your overall health

The association between hearing loss and diabetes, cardiovascular disease, mental well-being and tinnitus

How research can help you to better manage your hearing and overall health

What research is currently being done to understand the connection between hearing loss and other health conditions 

How allied health professionals can better support people who are managing illnesses or injuries that affect their hearing 

Dr Rob Eikelboom, Research Manager at Ear Science Institute Australia

Dr Rob Eikelboom is the Research Manager at Ear Science Institute Australia. Rob is is the Deputy Director of Ear Science WHO Collaborating Centre for Ear and Hearing Care, and is a member of the Scientific Committee of the Busselton Population Medical Research Institute. He also has adjunct appointments at The University of Western Australia; University of Pretoria, South Africa; and Curtin University, Perth.

Dr Eikelboom’s research at Ear Science Institute Australia since 2001 has focused on improving clinical practice, be it using telehealth, being better able to predict outcomes after hearing aids or hearing implants, or using epidemiology to understand the risks for hearing loss. He has published over 225 research papers and 12 book chapters and is closely involving the supervision and mentorship of postgraduate students.

Episode Resources

Lions Healthy Hearing Man downloadable pdf

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Injury Matters Stay on Your Feet | Falls prevention program

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Busselton Population Medical Research Institute

Busselton Health Study | BPMRI

Season 1 | The Social and Emotional Impacts of Hearing Loss

Season 1 |  Changing How We Age: Hearing loss & Dementia

Lions Hearing Clinic LIVE WELL Range

The vital role of GPs to incorporate hearing healthcare into primary care

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