Telstra Best of Business Awards announce Ear Science as the national winner for Championing Health in Australia

National winners of the Telstra Business Awards were announced in Sydney this week. Ear Science Institute Australia was announced as the National winner for Championing Health in Australia.

The judges said they were blown away by the tremendous impact that Ear Science has in Australia and internationally.  The judges highlighted that the team shows a strong commitment to research and clinical service delivery that will truly improve health outcomes for generations to come.

With over 24,000 organisations nominated and 293 state finalists in the inaugural awards program, the Telstra Best of Business Awards celebrates organisations who are building Australia economically, socially and culturally.

At the Gala Ceremony, Sandra Bellekom, Chief Executive Officer at Ear Science Institute Australia, accepted the National Championing Health award on behalf of Ear Science Institute Australia from medical entrepreneur Dr Sebastian Rees.

“Telstra looks to build a connected future so everyone can thrive. At Ear Science Institute Australia, we too, strive to connect people to their world through ear and hearing research, treatment and education.” Said Sandra Bellekom when she accepted the award.

“I am so proud to accept this award and represent over 150 dedicated colleagues who contribute to our self-sustaining, remarkable institute, all championing hearing health locally, nationally and internationally.”

The Telstra Best of Business Award will help Ear Science close the gap in accessing quality, research-led hearing care and make hearing a priority for all ages. The proven links between hearing loss and health conditions like dementia highlight the growing need for early detection, treatment and a more proactive approach to protecting our precious sense of hearing.

Research has shown that untreated hearing loss affects our ability to hear and connect with the world around us.  For individuals, the consequences of a hearing loss is evident in their home, in their career and in their community.

We help people thrive by connecting them to their world.

Based in Perth, Founding Director Professor Marcus Atlas began the journey of Ear Science Institute Australia twenty years ago. He wanted to create collaborative translational research, surgery and education to improve the lives of those with hearing loss.

Today, Ear Science is proudly at the forefront of internationally recognised ear and hearing research, providing world-leading education and is the most trusted hearing care provider in Western Australia.

“Hearing loss is not something people often think about until it happens to them or a loved one. We want everyone to be a champion for hearing health. Together we can help break down the stigma of hearing loss, help people understand the realities of hearing loss and advocate for healthy hearing at home, at work and at school.” Said Sandra Bellekom “We share this award with other national winners who are all progressing Australia in their fields and are true change-makers. Their impact truly inspires us.”

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