We Made It! | Rottnest Channel Swim 2020

“We made it!”

The Gift of Hearing Swim Team smashed their fundraising goal, raising more than $25,000!

A message from Professor Atlas, Ear Science’s Founding Director, and one of the members of the swim team:

“It’s so special, getting to support the Gift of Hearing with my friends. The closely knit ESIA Gift of Hearing Swim Team have long been friends and hail from diverse backgrounds ranging from teaching to finance, but are united to support the Gift of Hearing. It’s always a little daunting, facing 20kms of ocean swimming. We had been told it would be perfect conditions, but the ocean was choppy with currents and it was very overcast with a little rain to begin with – a bit sharky. Luckily, I think the sharks prefer a younger meal! We trained for hundreds of hours, but you still worry about not making it.”

Our goal was to reach $10,000, but the community helped us to raise so much more: $25,250! It just blew us away.

The funds raised go to the Gift of Hearing appeal, supporting the work Ear Science Institute Australia does in the community.

Whether that’s helping classrooms full of children to hear their teacher, or helping patients get the hearing help they need but just cannot afford, every dollar counts.

The impact of your gift is doubled – it helps now, and tomorrow. Not only does the appeal support people in the community who need our help, it also supports our global research programs.

“To our patients and donors, thank you so much – your generosity and support kept us going.”