Looking ahead to clear waters

Our Gift of Hearing Appeal swim team is continuing to train hard for the upcoming swim from Cottesloe to Rottnest.  We caught up with the team on the weekend to share with them the exciting news that they had reached their first fundraising milestone of raising $10,000 for the Gift of Hearing Appeal.

“We are so excited to know that our Gift of Hearing Appeal community are behind us as we head to Rottnest,” Ear Science Director Professor Marcus Atlas said. “It is so powerful and motivating to see the donation tally increase daily and to hear today that we have reached $10,000 makes us try even harder. We know that we can’t let down the people supporting us.”

Today, the donation tally for the Gift of Hearing Appeal swim team stands at $10,728.54 and the team is now hoping to reach their next fundraising milestone of  $15,000.

“We have made the first milestone and we are now continuing to aim higher and raise more for research,” Prof Marcus Atlas said. “We see so many of the names of our friends, colleagues and patients on the list of people supporting us, it truly warms my heart and I hope they all know how grateful I am.”

With 10 days left to go before the Rottnest Channel Swim on February 24th, we are hoping to raise the tally to $15,000. Can you help?

To donate to the Gift of Hearing Appeal swim team and to view the top donors so far, please click here.