Using mobile phones to detect hearing loss in pre-schoolers

How can we check more children’s hearing in communities with fewer resources? Adjunct Professor Rob Eikelboom, Professor De Wet Swanepoel and collaborators co-authored a paper on how using mHealth (mobile phones) can help detect hearing loss, as well as vision loss.

For communities without much mains power, medical equipment or clinical space, mobile phones are the perfect hearing screening tool. Online tools can effectively detect hearing problems early so children can be treated.

Improving detection and treatment will have a positive impact on the children’s futures, enabling them to learn well in class, and in the future enable them to better realise their full potential in the community.

Eksteen S, Launer S, Kuper H, Eikelboom RH, Bastawrous A, Swanepoel DW. Hearing and vision services for preschool children – implementation of a mHealth supported community programme. Bulletin of the World Health Organization. Accepted for publication May 2019.