Furthering Global Expert Care

As part of our ethos to improve the lives of people with ear and hearing disorders around the world, we consider education to be the critical action required to make a difference.

This education ranges from the general public to medical students to GPs and even further to ear, nose and throat specialists, as was the case with our March 2018 surgical training event hosted at our Subiaco surgical laboratory.

Convened by Dr Latif Kahdim, the endoscopic ear surgery course showcased best practice endoscopic surgical methods and trained local and international ENT specialists to provide further education and experience in perfecting these techniques.

The course, supported by The Australian Society of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (ASOHNS) and key industry partners, was held over a two day period with the specialists alternating between lectures and practical surgical technique sessions with cadavers.

The course included highly regarded specialists in the field presenting on their topic of expertise such as Dr Rudolf Boeddinghaus, Prof Daniele Marchioni, Prof Muzza Tarabichi, plus many other specialists who formed the facility including Ear Science’s Director Prof Marcus Atlas and our Education Medical Advisor Dr Jafri Kuthubutheen.

The participants in the course were shown a variety of procedures and techniques and given the time and tools to perfect them in a supportive environment.

The procedures included myringoplasty, canaloplasty, atriotomy for cholesteatoma treatment, removal of ossicles, retrotympanum and hypotympanum. The participants were also shown the latest products and able to experience equipment including a CO2 laser.