Supporting the World Health Organization

Ear Science Institute Australia is an active supporter and contributor to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) plight to improve global hearing health and awareness.

We are active in meetings, including participating in multi-centre workshops and stakeholder meetings, and research within the WHO West Pacific region, encompassing 34 areas and 27 countries with a goal to improve the region’s ear and hearing health.

Beyond our commitment and collaboration to the Asian Pacific Working Group, we support the WHO annual World Hearing Day event which occurs on the 3rd of March.

In 2018 the theme for World Hearing Day was “Hear the Future”, drawing attention to hearing loss through the use of key statistics and facts on the rising level of hearing loss and the impending need to protect the world’s hearing.

Through our highly engaged social media following, we were able to spread the message online to nearly 20,000 people globally and encourage them to access our free online hearing screenings.

Our Lions Hearing Clinic team provided free hearing screenings in each clinic, presented in the local community on the topics of the day, and provided workplace hearing screenings.

The team also promoted our Lions Hearing Aid Bank and encouraged people to donate their old devices to help people in low and middle-income countries.

Watch this space to find out the exciting initiatives planned for World Hearing Day in 2019!