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The Ear Science Institute Australia offers an excellent learning environment for suitable qualified and dedicated persons to contribute to the research, clinical and educational aims of the institute through two fellowships:

  • Clinical Fellowship in Otology and Skull-based Surgery 

  • Research Fellowship in Ear and Skull based Surgery 

Clinical Fellowship in Otology and Skull Based Surgery:

The Fellowship in Otolaryngology at Ear Science Institute Australia and Department of Otolaryngology, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, provides a broad experience for surgeons who will assume leadership positions in academic centres and hospitals throughout the world.

The position concentrates on specialised surgery involving the ear, skull base, vestibular system and inner ear. There is also an opportunity to be involved in an active head and neck oncology programme, rhinology and general otolaryngology.

The Fellow's responsibilities include junior surgeon education, clinical responsibilities, administration and managerial tasks. A high level of academic scholarship is expected through familiarity with relevant literature. The Fellowship is administered by Professor Marcus Atlas, Professor of Otolaryngology at The University of Western Australia.

Ear Science Institute Australia and Affiliated Hospitals:

Ear Science is a clinical, research and education institute dedicated to the investigation and treatment of hearing and ear disorders. The major hospitals involved in clinical care are Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and St John of God Hospital Subiaco.

  • Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital is a large teaching hospital and is accredited with the Royal Australian College of Surgeons. The hospital deals with all sub-specialities in otolaryngology and has an otolaryngology training programme.

  • The Department of Otolaryngology, University of Western Australia, is based at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital.
  • St John of God Hospital Subiaco, is one of Australia's leading private hospitals with 485 beds and a full range of on-site specialty diagnostic services.

Fellowship in Otology and Skull Based Surgery 

The Fellowship experience is gained primarily in the offices, operating theatres and clinics of Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital. Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital has a University affiliation and carries out a wide range of otolaryngology surgery. Complicated acoustic tumour, skull-base and ear surgery is regularly performed at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and St John of God Hospital. In addition, a Head and Neck Oncology clinic and surgery is carried out once a week at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital. The Fellow will also be involved in the management of private patients at St John of God Hospital. Surgery is scheduled for Monday, Tuesday and Thursday with two days set aside for active clinical or basic research.

The Fellow will be expected to attend regular Continuous Medical Education programmes including meetings involving diagnostic radiology, pathology and administrative matters. The Fellow will also be expected to be involved in clinical research programmes, and to submit clinical papers and abstracts to appropriate venues for presentation and publication. Funding for ongoing interests and projects may be obtainable.

A sophisticated audio-visual unit provides expertise in the production of videos, posters and presentations. The Fellow will be involved in undergraduate medical teaching and in otolaryngology trainee education.

A busy audiology and vestibular function unit is part of the Department. Cochlear implantation, both adult and children, is an important and growing unit within the Department. Newer, implantable hearing aids are now being utilised along with other implantable devices. The Fellow is expected to familiarise him or herself with this unit and provide ongoing education to a University-based audiology programme.

Duration and Funding

  • Due to the current Fellow deciding to end his fellowship early due to family reasons, the next available position is from June 2018

The Fellowship is of 12-24 month’s duration. Funding for 24 hours per week (3 days) is provided by Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and details are available on request.  Funding for 2 days surgical and clinical in the private sector may be obtainable through surgical assist fees but not guaranteed (subject to Medicare 19AB exemption approval).  The arrangement of transportation, housing and relocation is the responsibility of the selected applicant; however, the administrative staff of the Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital are available to assist.

Selection Process

The selection processs for applicants consists of:

  • Applicant assessment and ranking where a short-list of applicants will be determined after assessment of CVs

  • Reference reports requested on short-listed applicants

  • An interview, often made via Skype in cases where the applicant is overseas or out of Perth.

Application Process

The Fellowship is available to qualified trainees in the specialty of otolaryngology (head and neck surgery) internationally. Overseas Fellows are welcome. Such individuals shall have completed training. More detailed information will be made available upon successful application to the Fellowship.

To apply please email a copy of your current CV to surgery@earscience.org.au
CV Detail Requirements (PDF 22 MB) 

Other Important Information:

To register for the Medical Board, overseas applicants may be required to sit a relevant English Language Examination.  The IELTS (or approved equivalent) Test Report will be requested upon successful application to the Fellowship.

Current Fellow


Dr John Renton
July 2017 – June 2019

    Past Fellows

    Dr Yvette Smulders
    June 2016 – June 2018

    Dr Thadé Goderie
    June 2015 – June 2016

    Dr Rebecca Heywood
    June 2014 – June 2015

    Dr Paula Casserly
    June 2013 – June 2014

    Dr Norweed Ahmad
    June 2012 – June 2013

    Dr Peter Santa Maria
    October 2011 – June 2012

    Dr Peter Gochee
    United States
    August 2011 – October 2011

    Dr Barrie Tan
    August 2010 –  June 2011

    Dr Michael Gluth
    United States
    January 2009 – June 2009
    July 2009 – July 2010

    Dr Bernard Hoffmann
    January 2009 – June 2009

    Dr Heng Wai Yuen
    July 2008 – January 2009

    Mauricio Cohen
    March 2008 – July 2008

    Dr Rebecca Garland
    New Zealand
    July 2007 – December 2007

    Dr Matthew Leaper
    New Zealand
    January 2007 – June 2007

    Dr Abdulrahman Al Sanosi
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    January 2006 – July 2006

    Dr Vivian Singh
    August 2005 – April 2006

    Dr Gunesh Rajan
    January 2004 – December 2004

      Dr Neil Fergie
      July 2004 – January 2005

        Dr Avivan Banerjee
        January 2003 – December 2003

          Dr Peter O’Sullivan
          January 2002 – January 2003

          Dr Venkat Srinivasan
          November 2000 – January 2001