Be an Ear & Hearing Scientist

High School Project

Calling all Perth budding researchers.

Take part in our research program, and be mentored by Ear Science Institute Australia’s Brain & Hearing research team.

Ear Science will provide students with an opportunity to immerse themselves in a real-life research project, impacting on the lives of people with hearing impairment and contributing to our impact in the community to improve the lives of those with hearing loss.

In our Ear Science Implant Clinic, the students will spend an hour each week with some of our Cochlear Implant recipients who are keen to improve their hearing outcomes following surgery, ultimately improving their communication and confidence in social situations by supporting them with a variety of rehabilitation tools and strategies.

Over the course of 8 – 10 weeks the students will be able to see and directly contribute to the improvement in their ‘patient’. We will incorporate a research element as the students will take baseline measurements from each patient and at the conclusion take those measurements again to see what improvements have been made.

In the Brain and Hearing Research division, the students will get an opportunity to learn about the treatments for hearing loss we are developing for today and the importance of collaboration to make big things happen, as we search for a cure for hearing loss. They will also see how the Hearing Therapeutics division is working hard on curing hearing loss with a tour of our Lab. Working with some of our Scientists, the students will workshop ideas for how to influence their parents and grandparents to consider their hearing health as part of their overall health.

Community project outline

Week 1

Induction into Ear Science Institute Australia, what we do and why we do it

Week 2

Tour of our Ear Science lab, presentation from our Scientists

Week 3

Working with our Scientists, brainstorm ideas of how we can influence older Australians to get a hearing check.

Week 4

Training on hearing implant rehab, what it is and how to do it

Week 5

Continuing training on hearing implant rehab, what it is and how to do it

Week 6

Baseline measurements for each recipient will be taken.

Facilitated rehab session with implant recipients.

Students to make notes on each session over the coming weeks

Week 7

Facilitated rehab session with implant recipients.

Week 8 – 10

Facilitated rehab session with implant recipients.

Testing and live voice measurements for each recipient will be taken to measure and report on the improvements made over the course of the research project

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