Let’s talk hearing this Seniors Week

Currently, three in every four older Australians have hearing loss.

The side effects can make our lives feel lonelier as we say ‘no’ to more social plans, more tiring as we work twice as hard to talk to our friends – and it can even affect our brain health as we age!

That’s why Lions Hearing Clinic shone a light on hearing this Seniors Week.

We tested people’s hearing at the community event, Have a Go Day; visited our aged care partners to check their residents’ hearing; trained village staff on how to work with hearing aids; talked to GPs about the impact of hearing loss on seniors; and started services in two new country clinics.

For Audiologist Jordan Bishop, Seniors Week is a favourite. Jordan is always busy in the community, but in November, she’s flat out!

“I love meeting people and hearing their stories, and I absolutely LOVE telling the Lions story. Hearing is communication, and communication is quality of life, and if I tell the story right, I can really connect with people.”