Flattening the curve on loneliness for those with hearing loss

For those who self isolate, communication is a lifeline for staying connected. But for people with hearing loss who rely on face to face communication, they’re part of a growing loneliness epidemic.

Ear Science Institute Australia CEO, Sandra Bellekom, is calling on the public to flatten this new curve on loneliness.

“1 in 6 Australians have hearing loss, and it takes on average 7 years to get it addressed. That’s thousands of people who will struggle to draw on their support networks during one of the most isolated times of their lives.”

“A major problem clients with hearing loss report is using the phone. It’s an issue at the best of times, but when there’s an international pandemic and people are relying on the phone to communicate, their hearing loss may disconnect them from communication and connection completely.”

Sandra recently went on 6PR to talk to Mark Gibson about the growing loneliness epidemic. Find out more.