How do hearing aid owners acquire hearing aid management skills?

Dr Bec Bennett and colleagues have been published in the American Academy of Audiology for their article on the acquisition of hearing aid management skills.

The team conducted a qualitative study with hearing aid owners and audiologists. Participants described 75 unique ways in which hearing aid management skills are learned, within six concepts:

  1. Relationship with the clinician,
  2. Clinician as a source of knowledge and support,
  3. Hands-on experience,
  4. Seeking additional information,
  5. Asking support people for help, and
  6. External resources.

The results of this study highlight the diverse methods and sources by which hearing aid owners learn the skills necessary to use, manage, and maintain their hearing aids. Significant emphasis was placed on the role of the audiologist to provide training, support, and an ongoing professional relationship, with lesser roles played by family, friends, and other health professionals.

Audiologists at Lions Hearing Clinics remain at the forefront of the latest research findings. These findings are then used to improve clinical services, and ultimately, patient outcomes.

Check out this publication here.