Workshops that assist you to identify, diagnose and refer confidently, patients with ear and hearing disorders.

Your patient’s ear and hearing health is as unique as individual fingerprints. It is something that can change slowly over a period of years or may be sudden. Each type of change requires individual management. Sometimes patients are unaware of hearing loss until their local GP brings it to their attention

Our ear and hearing healthcare experts provide practical RACGP accredited skills based workshops that assist to identify, diagnose and refer patients with ear and hearing disorders.

Management of Ear Wax, Foreign Bodies and Vestibular Problems (Combined Course)

Learn best practice managment of patients with ear wax, foreign bodies and/or vestibular problems. 

Managing Patients with Balance and Vestibular Problems

Provides skills and knowledge to diagnose and manage patients with dizziness, balance problems, and benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). Course content

Communication Excellence for Healthcare Practices

Deliver Oustanding Communication for Excellent Customer Service Course content: Tailored to Practice Nurses and Reception Staff, this half day course explores:

ENT Breakfast

On the 20th of May private registrars will meet with ear, nose and throat specialists for breakfast and to discuss the latest audiological techniques. 

Positive Hearing Outcomes in a Commission Free Environment

Superior outcomes are evident in hearing practice that follow a patient-centred care approach.

Ear Science Institute Australia's GP Expo 2016

The Link Between Hearing Loss & Healthy Aging

A-Z of Epistaxis

Provides skills to identify and initiate treatment of epistaxis and to effectively perform nasal packing and nasal splints Course Content:

Airway Management

Provides skills to maintain an airway in an unconscious patient using initial techniques and adjuncts. Course Content:

Emergency Skills & Crisis Management

Provides a systematic team approach to the management of patient critical incidents with a focus on team interaction Course Content:

Recognition & Management of Common Ear Disorders

Provides skills to identify and treat earache, common minor ear ailments, infections and abnormalities Course Content:

Audiometry, Tympanometry and Otoscopy

Provides skills and knowledge for performing and interpreting otoscopy, tympanometry and basic audiometry Course Content:

ENT Update

Provides skills and techniques in ENT diagnosis, treatment and referral with an overview of ENT emergencies Course Content:

ALS Level 1: Advanced Life Support

Provides skills and knowledge to recognize, assess and manage patients in an immediate period of crisis Course Content:

ALS Algorithm & Defibrillation Safety

Provides skills to apply the advanced life support algorithm and provide safe defibrillation Course Content:

ENT for Remote Area Health Professionals

Provides understanding of the ear, nose and throat including the structural and functional anatomy of each area, basic skills and techniques for identifying and examinging the structures and common disease processes.  Course Content

Ear Wax & Foreign Body Management Course

Offers practical advice and strategies to optimise management of patients with excess ear wax or a foreign body.  Course Content: