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Over Tinnitus Awareness Week (February 6 - February12) Ear Science helped raise awareness for Tinnitus Awareness Week 2017. 

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Tinnitus Awareness Week Video

To raise awareness for Tinnitus Awareness Week, we created a promotional video explaining what tinnitus is, the prevalence of tinnitus and how to protect yourself from tinnitus. The video was seen by over 10 000 people and shared 82 times by people all around the world.

The Science of Tinnitus

To promote tinnitus for Tinnitus Awareness Week, we shared a video explaining the science of tinnitus and what causes us to hear sounds in our head.

Together for Tinnitus

To support our colleagues at the British Tinnitus Association, we joined the tinnitus thunderclap.

Tinnitus Awareness Week American Tinnitus Association

To support our colleagues at the American Tinnitus Association, we shared their campaign detailing their initiatives.

Lions Hearing Clinic Tinnitus Services

To support those with tinnitus, we shared our Lions Hearing Clinic's tinnitus services page.

Dom Dolla Tinnitus Warning

Dom Dolla, a Melbourne DJ, has warned his fans to use ear protection when going to watch live music.