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Donate your pre-owned hearing aids to people in need.

To celebrate World Hearing Day on March the 3rd, the Lions Hearing Aid Bank will be collecting and redistributing pre-owned hearing aids to areas in need around the world. Help us make World Hearing Day our biggest donation yet.

The initiative will support the 360 million people globally affected by a disabling hearing loss, meaning every day sounds like conversation cannot be heard. The Lions Hearing Aid Bank has already donated thousands of hearing aids to schools, orphanages and community centres in countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia and Africa.

"Through this program, we are helping many children (and families) access hearing aids that would not have been available otherwise and allowing them to hear in class, be educated and gain opportunities," - Ear Science CEO Sandra Bellekom.

How to donate your hearing aid

Drop off or post your hearing aids to any Lions Hearing Clinic location.

See our full list of locations.

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