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Have you ever been riding on the train and been able to hear the iPod music of the person sitting across the carriage from you? If you've ever wondered if that person is damaging their ears, the answer is yes

With the rise in popularity of personal music players - technologies like iPods and MP3 players - it's never been more important to educate on the effects of noise induced hearing loss. Ear Science Community is working to tackle this issue, before our younger generation wrecks permanent, irreversible damage on their inner ear hearing systems. Noise induced hearing loss is serious - and prevention is the key!

Our Cheers for Ears program is an award-winning inniative aimed at 8 to 12 year olds, which educates on how the ear works, and on the dangers of exposure to loud music and noise. Since its launch in 2010, the program has reached more than 30,000 children from hundred of schools across metropolitan and rural WA.

This fun, interactive incursion is designed to run singularly, or in conjuction with the classroom science curriculum. Kids will:

Teachers will also receive additional classroom activities and worksheets, so children can continue to learn after their fun-filled incursion session.

Cheers for Ears is currently being reviewed, all bookings are on hold for 2016.


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