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Healthy hearing is a healthy community.

An ability to hear is possibly your most effective means to understanding the world around you:
From speaking with your co-workers, to chatting with family, to hearing the traffic as you walk down the street, or simply listening to the sounds of nature.

Sound adds so much beauty and richness to the world. We need to take care of it - both individually and together as a community.

Most people with a hearing loss regard it as "something they have to just put up with", or "a fact of getting older". On average, people wait seven years to seek help for their hearing loss.

But left untreated, hearing loss can have devastating consequences on our wellbeing and quality of life. Those with hearing loss may experience reduced earning potential and employment opportunities. People may also experience feelings of social isolation and loneliness, anxiety and depression, and poor general mental health - even dementia.

The wider community also feels the effects. According to recent figures, one in six Australians currently has a hearing loss, and the combined cost of hearing loss and dementia to the Australian economy totals more than $16.2 billion every year. This is set to worsen, with medical professionals forecasting one in four Australians will have a hearing loss by 2050.

Ear Science Community recognises the importance of protecting, improving and maintaining hearing health across Western Australia. As a not-for-profit organisation, we work to improve the hearing health of all individuals across the population. We tailor services to help community members, no matter the goal – from conducting hearing checks across WA's most remote communities, to advising family members and carers on best practice communication tactics, to visiting workplaces for occupational health and safety-approved hearing checks, or providing children with ear health tips and education.

Ear Science Community recognises just how integral healthy hearing is to a healthy community. We:

  • Raise ear health awareness by developing and delivering targeted educational programs on the prevalence and impact of hearing loss.
  • Improve the quality of life of people in the community who suffer from ear, hearing and balance disorders.
  • Improve the quality of life of family members, and individuals caring for people with hearing loss.

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