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The next level of hearing assistance.

Ear Science Clinic specialises in helping those with ear and hearing disorders. As the largest cochlear implant unit in Western Australia, the Ear Science Clinic provides a seamless implant service for adults and children. Our team of ENT & hearing specialists, implant audiologists, a speech pathologist and a radiologist support each client through the process of assessment, surgery, rehabilitation and long term care to achieve the best possible hearing outcome. With research as the foundation of our pioneering work, the quality of our work transforms lives.

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Hearing implants

When people with severe to profound hearing loss don’t benefit from hearing aids, a hearing implant can be an effective solution.

Cochlear implants

For many people with a severe hearing loss, hearing aids are simply not a viable solution - but a cochlear implant is.

Bone conduction implants

Bone conduction implants have provided a clinically proven solution for hearing loss for over 30 years.


Ear Science Clinic uses the latest, specialised equipment to provide premium balance-related diagnostics, treatment and management options.

Client stories

Read the personal stories of our Ear Science Clinic hearing implant recipients.

Single sided deafness

Single Sided Deafness is when a person has normal hearing in one ear only.

Children's service

Ear Science Clinic has a team of paediatric audiologists, who specialise in children's hearing and ear health care.

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