Ockham’s Razor Live in Perth

ABC radio podcast Ockham’s Razor Live took place at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research recently, attended by Ear Science team members Professor Rod Dilley, Dr Abbie Francis and Ms Meg Whatley.

Eight local scientists told their stories from a variety of fields, including astrophysics, genetic diseases, public health, renewable energy and more.

“This event was not only open to scientists but also the general public,” said Dr Francis. “I thought it would be useful to pick up some tips for presenting research to a more generalised audience.”

“I really enjoyed all of the talks and found them easy to understand even though the topics were quite different to my own background. This style of communication is a skill I’m very interested in learning.”

Prof Rod Dilley agreed on the importance of communicating science as simply as possible.

“By ensuring that the science is communicated in easily understood language, we can deliver our message to a wider audience and teach more people about the significance of our work,” said Prof Dilley.

“It’s a very useful skill to have, and we encourage our scientists to practice this at every opportunity. By attending events like Ockham’s Razor, our team can learn from other respected scientists in fields completely different from their own.”