The Sound Exchange in Alice Springs

A number of clinicians from Lions Hearing Clinic attended The Sound Exchange conference in Alice Springs this year.

Spread over three days, The Sound Exchange featured a range of hands-on workshops, lectures and panel sessions.

Audiologists Maddison Brennan (pictured) and Ellen Putland took the Advanced Balance Stream.

“It included a component on children’s testing, which is more of an emerging practice,” they said. “We learnt how to adapt current tests for use in the paediatric population. We also learnt about how the brain recovers and compensates after episodes of dizziness.”

Paediatric Audiologist Natalie Bollen attended the School Age Listening Stream of the conference.

“I got the most out of the small group sessions, such as the one on assistive listening devices and the NDIS for children on the autism spectrum. These small group sessions allowed us to discuss issues, ask questions and offer our own insights on various topics!” said Natalie.

Audiologist Sue Day took the Hearing and Cognitive Decline in Ageing Stream.

“It was valuable to be reminded of tactics that can help with rehabilitation services for our older clients,” said Sue. “There was an interesting presentation about how group sessions in a residential care unit can help to break down barriers for those with hearing loss and hearing technology.”

Leading the way in audiology counselling

Ear Science clinical researcher Dr Bec Bennett hosted the counselling stream at The Sound Exchange with Professor Louise Hickson, Dr Caitlin Barr and Dr Joe Montano. Their stream, entitled ‘Infusing Counselling into Audiology Practice’ was well-received, with delegates even requesting the session to be repeated at the 2021 conference.