Sasha teaches the next generation about hearing

When audiologist Sasha Benatar finished school, she didn’t think she’d soon be returning to talk to the next generation about ears!

“It was an incredible feeling reflecting back. The kids ranged from six to seven, sweet little year ones.”

The class had been learning about light and sound over the past few weeks. Sasha spoke about sound, how we hear, and how to protect our ears from damage caused by excessive noise exposure.

The class’s favourite part was holding dummy hearing aids and using pipe cleaners to demonstrate cilia hair cells.

Head of Clinical Services, Lize Coetzee, said Sasha being asked to present was good recognition for her passion.

“What a massive acknowledgement of the impact Sasha is having on her clients. Well done, Sasha.”

Showing the next generation how to protect their hearing is key to Ear Science’s mission to help reduce rates of hearing loss.

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