Fostering new collaborations in gene editing

At the 2018 Australasian Auditory Neuroscience workshop in Brisbane, Ear Science senior researcher Dr Elaine Wong met with Professor Zhiyong Liu from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS): Institute of Neuroscience to discuss and plan future collaborations.

Professor Liu is an expert in gene editing, an exciting field that Ear Science are interested in exploring across a number of projects.

One of Dr Liu’s elite PhD students, Suhong Sun, won the Ear Science visiting scientist prize and visited our lab for a week in June with her fellow student Yuwei Sun. Together, the students presented their research to the basic research team, specifically focusing on their work on a particular type of gene editing called CRISPR/Cas9. This is a useful tool for correcting genetic mutations, and our team are busy establishing this new technology in our work on Usher Syndrome.

As a result of the meeting in Brisbane and the students visiting us last month, we have initiated a collaboration with the CAS Institute of Neuroscience and look forward to exchanging knowledge, ideas and culture between the institutes.