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ClearDrum Implant Announcement

ClearDrum is an ALL-NEW ear implant set to help the millions of people who suffer from Chronic Middle Ear Disease each year.

ClearDrum Implant Promotional Video

ClearDrum is an ALL-NEW implant set to revolutionise the way eardrums are repaired. The implant combines silk worms and science to heal burst eardrums, and will help millions of people who suffer from Chronic Middle Ear Disease each year.

Bridie's Cochlear Implant Switch-On

Bridie has struggled to hear her whole life. Watch what happens after her cochlear implants are switched-on.

Hearing Loss Simulator

To show people what hearing loss sounds like and promote hearing awareness, Ear Science created a Hearing Loss Simulator. The Hearing Loss Simulator has received international praise and reached over 1.2 million people from all around the world.

Australian Lions Hearing Dogs

Learn about the Australian Lions Hearing Dogs, a charitable organisation that provides hearing dogs to those with hearing loss. These hearing dogs provide safety, security and independence to people with hearing loss by alerting their owners to danger.

World Health Day

To recognise World Health Day, Ear Science created a video highlighting the affect your hearing health has on your body and mind.

World Hearing Day

To spread awareness of World Hearing Day and the costs of unaddressed hearing loss, Ear Science created a promotional video using the latest data and statistics from the World Health Organisation.

World Hearing Day Hearing Aid Collection

To promote World Hearing Day, our Lions Hearing Aid Bank is collecting hearing aids to redistribute to people in need. We have already donated thousands of hearing aids to the Phillipines, Africa and Indonesia.

World Hearing Day Teaser Video

To raise awareness of World Hearing Day, we created a save the date promotional video.

Tinnitus Awareness Week 2017

To recognise Tinnitus Awareness Week 2017 we created a video showing what tinnitus is, the prevalence of tinnitus and how you can protect yourself from tinnitus.

Natalija's Story

Natalija's has had cochlear implants her whole life and her mother contacted Ear Science to ask us to help share her story. We created a video montage showing all the wonderful things Natalija does with her cochlear implant.

Skin Healing Time Lapse

Our Ear Science Researchers have recorded a time lapse video to show you cells moving across a wounded area and joining together to heal the fibrous layers of the eardrum.


EnginEars is a hearing implant program for kids run by our Ear Science Clinic and the School of Special Needs Sensory.

Lily's Story

Lily's mother wanted her daughter to have the gift of hearing everyone else had...

Joe's story

Joe's cochlear implants help him hear his teammates, coach and have the time of his life.

Olivia's story

Olivia has grown up with hearing loss her whole life. At just 3 months old she was diagnosed profoundly deaf and when she was only 11 months old she was fitted with her first cochlear implant. Unfortunately at age 6 she was still struggling to hear.

3 Generations of Hearing Implants

Over the last 10 years, one family has received the gift of hearing three times. Leslie French, his daughter Jody Maitland and his grandson Hayden Maitland all have hearing loss yet through the amazing technology of cochlear implants, they are now able to hear with clarity and understand their loved ones speak!

Cell Montage

Our Ear Science Researchers take beautiful images of cells. Check out a video montage of their latest snaps.

How to say Merry Christmas in sign language

To celebrate lets learn how to say Merry Christmas in Sign Language with Lize, the Head of our Lions Hearing Clinics!

Hearing Aid Christmas montage

IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME! Here are some ideas to decorate your hearing devices and get into the Christmas spirit.

Ashleigh's story

In 2004 Ashleigh was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis type 2, severely impacting her hearing. Through the Gift of Hearing Appeal Ashleigh is able to hear beautiful twin children.

Seven years

A lot can happen in seven years...

The Avant Education Centre

Take a video tour of Ear Science Institute Australia's state-of-the-art simulation facility, The Avant Education Centre.

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Learn about the latest rechargeable device that eliminates the need to change out small batteries.

Lions Hearing Clinic Radio Fremantle Podcast

Learn about the effects of hearing loss with Lize Coetzee, our Head of Lions Hearing Clinic, on this Radio Fremantle podcast!

Bridie's story

Through the Gift of Hearing Appeal Bridie received a cochlear implant and was able to hear her brother Michael say his vows at his wedding.