4 Tips To Keep Your Hearing Aids In Tip-Top Condition

How To Take Care of Your Hearing Aids and Hearing Aid Battery Guidelines

The hearing aids prescribed by our qualified audiologists at Lions Hearing Clinic have improved the quality of life for thousands of West Australians. 

Hearing aids are important and if treated with the care they will last for many years.  There are several things to maintain the integrity of your hearing aids and keep them in top working order, extending their lifespan.

TIP 1 | Clear Out Any Wax

If you receive any feedback sound or it just sounds muffles then it might be a build-up of earwax to blame.

Earwax often accumulates at the open end of the hearing aid where the sound emits from. This will cause the sounds picked up by the device to be muffled or you may also receive feedback sounds, typically a whistle. 

It is best to use proper tools to do this job as any leftover debris can cause long-term damage to the receiver.  A pick, brush, a wire or bulb blower and dry cloth should be sufficient for a thorough cleaning. Multi-tools that include all of these items are a popular choice. 

Regular cleaning of your hearing aid devices ensures that you continue to receive clear sounds and stay connected to the world around you.
TIP 2 | Make It A Habit

Creating good habits surrounding your hearing aid maintenance will be essential for keeping them in optimum condition. These habits include taking out the hearing aids while sleeping, showering or using hair products. 

Always start by washing your hands first so no oils or debris are introduced. It’s also important to avoid wipes that contain chemicals or alcohol solutions as they will often cause damage. 

Why not get in the habit of cleaning your hearing aids right before you go to sleep.  They will have time to air out before they are used again the following day.
TIP 3 | Don’t leave home without spare Hearing Aid Batteries

Just like your American Express card – don’t leave home without a spare set of batteries!

There are four common hearing aid battery sizes and all of them are stocked by our Lion’s Hearing Clinic.  So make sure you know the specific size for your hearing aids.

TIP 4 | The 5 Minute Rule

Don’t remove the tab until you are ready to use them and once you remove the tab from the hearing aid battery make sure you wait a full five minutes before inserting it into the device. This allows the surrounding air to completely activate the battery and can extend its life by up to 3 days. 

The other time is to remove the batteries from your overnight to extend their life.  Moisture can accumulate in the battery compartment, especially if you live in a humid area or perspire heavily. Hearing Aid Dehumidifiers can also be purchased to assist with this. Make sure to brush out debris and dust from the battery compartment before re-inserting your hearing aid batteries.

These non-rechargeable batteries will typically provide as many as 20 days of hearing or as little as 3 depending on the size. The larger batteries offer a longer battery life but the type you need will be dependent on the hearing aid’s size. Shortened hearing aid battery life could be a result of an issue with the hearing aid device and an audiologist or hearing professional should be able to diagnose the issue and implement a solution.

The maintenance of your hearing aid starts with you. Maintaining the performance level of your devices can be accomplished by cleaning and caring for them properly. You can also opt to schedule professional cleanings of your hearing aids at one of our clinics. This is recommended every four to six months. In addition to cleaning the devices thoroughly and properly, our highly trained hearing professionals can inspect them to make sure they are not damaged and repair them if required. During your hearing aid appointment, our audiologists can also adjust the hearing aid’s settings for optimal performance that is tailored to your specific needs.

Order a battery replacement online or visit one of our clinics today! You can also request an appointment here.

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