Lions Hearing Clinic at the Care & Ageing Expo

Lions Hearing Clinic at the Care & Ageing Expo The annual Care & Ageing Expo took place in early August at the Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre, and it was a flurry of activity as more than 1,600 people attended the two-day expo. Our Community Coordinator Jordan Bishop coordinated the Lions Hearing Clinic stall at the expo this year.

“We had a lot to showcase at this year’s Care & Ageing Expo,” said Jordan. “We had a shelf displaying a number of different hearing solutions such as hearing aids, accessories, assistive listening devices and cochlear implants.”

“We also had a free hearing screening stand where visitors could check their hearing and assistive listening devices for audience members who needed help to hear the presentations clearly on the day.”

The focus of the expo is to provide the information and resources for people to age well, and our theme this year was ‘tea and cake with loved ones is important’.

When someone has hearing loss, socialising becomes more difficult and we often hear that clients are not going out as frequently and feeling more withdrawn. By assessing and treating any hearing difficulties, we can help to get our clients feeling more confident and getting back to tea and cake with loved ones!

“This expo is a great opportunity for us to connect directly with people who might need to utilise our services, as well as networking with other aged care providers and raising awareness and educating clients and providers about hearing health.”

On the second day of the expo, Jordan gave a presentation titled ‘Healthy hearing to transform your community’, which was received very well by all who attended. “My presentation explored the importance of addressing your hearing to be able to fully participate in your community. I also examined the links between hearing and overall health, including the suggested links with mental wellbeing, memory and cognition.”

“It was a fantastic experience to speak with so many potential clients and aged care providers in the one place, and raise the awareness of the importance of hearing health for healthy ageing.”

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