Wilhelmina (Helmy) Mulders

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Wilhelmina (Helmy) Mulders 

MSc PhD Nijmegen

Dr Wilhelmina (Helmy) Mulders is a senior lecturer at the School of Human Sciences, The University of Western Australia and an active research collaborator with the Ear Science Institute Australia.

For the last 19 years she has actively researched auditory neuroscience at the University of Western Australia School of Human Sciences. Her research can be divided into two main research streams; the study of plasticity in the auditory system after deafness and the study of the role of the descending or efferent pathways in the auditory system.

Dr Mulders’ work has resulted in over 50 publications in international journals and she has been invited to present at both national and international conferences. As a leader in this field she has been invited to write two book chapters and received a “Distinction in Scholarship” award from the American Physiological Society. Her research has attracted funding from various organisations including; the National Health and Medical Research Council, the Department of Health of the Government of Western Australia, Action on Hearing Loss (UK) and the Neurotrauma Research Program Western Australia.

In addition to her role as co-coordinator of the Masters of Clinical Audiology program at the University of Western Australia, Dr Mulders teaches neuroscience to undergraduate and post-graduate research students. She has supervised multiple PhD, Masters and Honours students to successful completion and currently supervises 4 PhD students and 3 Honours students.

Dr Mulders is working in strong collaboration with researchers at Ear Science Institute Australia. She is working on a range of projects with Ear Science covering the topics of tinnitus, paediatric audiology, aural rehabilitation and hearing aids.

Top publications:

Mulders WH, Spencer TC, Robertson D. Effects of pulsatile electrical stimulation of the round window on central hyperactivity after cochlear trauma in guinea pig. Hear Res. 2016 May, (335):128-37; 2016.

P. Vogler D, Robertson D, Mulders WH. Influence of the paraflocculus on normal and abnormal spontaneous firing rates in the inferior colliculus. Hear Res. 2016 Mar, (335): 1 – 7, 2016.

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Noreña AJ, Mulders WH, Robertson D. Suppression of putative tinnitus-related activity by extra-cochlear electrical stimulation. J Neurophysiol. 2015 Jan, (1) 132 -43, 2016.

Mulders WH, McMahen C, Robertson D. Effects of Chronic Furosemide on Central Neural Hyperactivity and Cochlear Thresholds after Cochlear Trauma in Guinea Pig. 2014 Aug, 8:5:146, 2016.