Karina Tao

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Karina Tao

B.SpLPath&Aud., M.ClinAud.

Karina is a clinical audiologist and speech-language pathologist, graduating from the highest ranking universities in Brazil - Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo and Universidade de Sao Paulo. With thirteen years’ experience in clinical practice and audiological equipment, she came to Australia to pursue her PhD at the University of Western Australia through the Ear Sciences Centre after being granted a scholarship from her home government. Her supervisors are Professors Rob Eikelboom, Marcus Atlas and De Wet Swanepoel, and Dr Dona Jayakody.

Karina’s passion is in innovating and helping the hearing impaired people, especially those who face barriers in accessing clinical service. This has driven her to investigate how tele-audiology can address the problems of access. She is developing a remote clinical practice model for hearing aid services. Her aim is to evaluate and develop a remote service equivalent to what is conventionally provided in hearing clinics. The results of this research will provide evidence for translation and implementation into clinical practice. 

Top publications:

Brennan-Jones CG, Eikelboom RH, Bennett RJ, Tao K, Swanepoel DW. Asynchronous interpretation of manual and automated audiometry: agreement and reliability. J Telehealth and Telecare. Published online: 20 September 2016. doi: 10.1177/1357633X16669899