Abbie Francis

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Abbie Francis

BSc (Hons), BForensicSc, PhD (UWA)

Abbie Francis is a Research Fellow in the Molecular and Cellular Otolaryngology group investigating inner ear biology, specifically Usher Syndrome.

She completed her PhD at UWA in 2017 with a thesis entitled “Investigating the immune mechanisms of anaphylaxis” which describes evidence of neutrophil activation during anaphylaxis (severe allergic reactions) for the first time.

Abbie’s early post-doctoral work has included investigating the mechanisms that trigger anaphylaxis to snakebite antivenom and developing a 3D human blood vessel to study sudden collapse following snakebite. 

In February, Abbie joined Ear Science and is applying her skills in cell and tissue culture to the Usher Modelling project to help understand how Usher Syndrome affects the inner ear. 

Top publications:

Francis A, Bosio E, Stone SF, Fatovich DM, Arendts G, Burrows S, and SGA Brown (2019) Markers involved in innate immunity and neutrophil activation are elevated during acute human anaphylaxis: validation of a microarray study. Journal of Innate Immunity. 11(1):63-73.

Francis A, Fatovich DM, Arendts G, Macdonald SPJ, Bosio E, Nagree Y, Mitenko H, and SGA Brown (2018) Serum mast cell tryptase measurements: sensitivity and specificity for a diagnosis of anaphylaxis in patients with shock and/or hypoxemia. Emergency Medicine Australasia. 30(3): 366-74.

Francis A, Bosio E, Stone SF, Fatovich DM, Arendts G, Nagree Y, Macdonald SPJ, Mitenko H, Rajee M, Burrows S, and SGA Brown (2016) Neutrophil activation during acute human anaphylaxis: analysis of MPO and sCD62L. Clinical and Experimental Allergy. 47: 361-70.