Hani Al-Salami

RegPharmNZ, RegPharmAus, MPS, ANZCP
Head of Hearing Therapeutics


Genius is 1% talent and 99% hard work” Albert Einstein

Associate Professor Hani Al-Salami is an AHPRA registered Australian and New Zealand pharmacist, a clinician, an academic, and a Program Lead in Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Curtin Medical School and Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute.

In November 2020, Dr Al-Salami’s team was declared the overall winner at the Curtin Innovation Program for most innovative inner-ear drug delivery for treating hearing loss. Dr Al-Salami, originally from New Zealand, was trained at the School of Pharmacy, Otago University, and owned a Dunedin-based pharmacy prior to commencing a doctorate supported by the pharmaceutical industry. He moved to Montreal (Canada) for postdoctoral training at the Artificial Cell and Organs Research Centre at McGill University jointly with the drug company Micropharma Ltd, under Prof Thomas Chang and Prof Satya Prakash (nano/microencapsulation pioneers and nominated Nobel Prize Laureate in medicine).

Dr Al-Salami moved to Curtin University where he founded his lab, the Biotechnology and Drug Development Research Lab (2014). He has published > 150 publications and conference presentations, including books, book chapters and research papers. Dr Al-Salami research is currently supported by the Australian Medical Health Research Council, the European Horizon 2020, Cures Within Reach (USA), and the pharmaceutical industry nationally and internationally (Australia, China, and the EU).