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When the Gift of Hearing Appeal started in 2001, Ear Science Institute Australia's Founding Director, Professor Marcus Atlas, knew it would change people's lives - but he didn't anticipate its impact reaching every corner of the globe. The Gift of Hearing Appeal has raised millions of dollars for community initiatives, life-changing treatment and ground-breaking research, bringing new treatments for hearing loss and edging us closer to discovering a cure.

Since 2014, Professor Marcus Atlas and his close friends, John Harris, Ian Beacham, Rhonda Birch, David Tuckey and Brad Same, have dedicated their time to training year-round in preparation for the Rottnest Channel Swim. This year, the team are at it again! 

The Ear Science Gift of Hearing Swim Team will once again swim to raise funds for the Gift of Hearing Appeal, whilst Professor Atlas skippers for his son Julian Atlas’ epic solo swim to Rottnest preparing the next generation of swimmers to fundraise for Ear Science.

Professor Atlas asks you, our friends, supporters and loved ones, to get behind their hard work and determination, to beat last year’s record of $25,000 and help us to continue giving, the Gift of Hearing.


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