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World class education and training facility

Facilities within Ear Science Education's laboratory are available for venue hire and offers a wide variety of training, research and conference opportunities including professional development and medical device testing.Our flexible learning laboratory can operate as a virtual operating theatre with adjacent control room, ward area, virtual ICU/CCU or standardised patient training room. Our specifically designed laboratory enables participants to learn and practice skills before transferring into the clinical setting. 

Lecture Based Activities

The facility has a number of traditional meeting, board and lecture rooms for groups of 5 to 50 all fully equipped with audio visual presentation technology. We also have access to larger conference facilities and operating theatres directly adjacent to us at St John of God Health Care Subiaco.

Surgical Skills Training

The training laboratory is equipped with nine independent work stations. Each work station is fully operational complete with overhead power, air, suction,  data and audio visual facilities. The laboratory is fitted with two, two-bay scrub troughs, an extensive bench top work area and an advanced audio visual system.

The laboratory lighting has been purpose designed with multistage switching to adjust lighting levels and incorporates a green light setting to enhance visual efficiency and reduce eye fatigue during video screen based tasks.

A master table station has been incorporated into the laboratory, fully fitted with recessed surgical and examination lights. The laboratory also features 2-way audio and video links to a board room, small meeting room, theatre and audiology suite. 

Multifunctional Training

Our space comprises multifunctional training spaces that can be transformed into almost any clinical setting. The integrated audio visual system can capture and record training activities. This is ideal  for debriefing and allows video streaming to external sites.

A unique feature of the facilities multifunctional training space, is the provision of a rear projection wall along the entire length of the training area which can display scenery images and video to enhance realism. These images or video can be of any imagery such as, an earthquake scene, bush fire or car crash and used  to replicate a medical or trauma situation.

Standardised Patient Training

Standardised patient and communications training is available. The advanced audio visual system, enables multiple recording streams in each area and can interface with automatic assessment technology.


Full catering options are available on request at time of booking.  

Please contact us directly to discuss your specific venue hire needs and available options. 

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