Management of Ear Wax, Foreign Bodies and Vestibular Problems (Combined Course)

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Learn best practice managment of patients with ear wax, foreign bodies and/or vestibular problems. 

In this full day course for GPs, participants will spend the morning learning the skills to identify the position, possible removal, and management of wax accumulation and foreign bodies in the ear. Attendees will gain practical experience with manual extraction, suction and irrigation techniques. The Management of Ear Wax and Foreign Body Removal module includes:

  • Ear examination with an otoscope, headlight and specula
  • Identify earwax blockage (cerumen impaction) – safely remove and proceed with treatment
  • Safely perform ear wax removal – ear suction, scooping

The afternoon session will provide participants with evidence-based information, and skills for assessing and managing patients with vestibular impairment and balance problems. The Balance and Vestibular Problems module includes:

  • Effects of inner ear pathologies
  • Types of vestibular dysfunction
  • Diagnosis and therapy
  • How to discuss balance concerns with patients
  • When and how to refer
  • Interpreting reports

Included in cost:

  • All course materials 
  • Teaching by expert clinicians 
  • Hands on skills practice 
  • Small group teaching
  • Lunch, morning and afternoon tea

Discount is available for members of the Avant Mutual Group.

By undertaking this full day course, participants will be eligible for RACGP 40 Category 1 CPD points and ACCRM 14 PRPD points.