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Ear Science Education's significant wealth of scientific, surgical and clinical knowledge on the Ear Nose and Throat is available for purchase as a surgical book or DVD collection.

Written by Professor Marcus Atlas and Rob Eisenberg, the second edition of A Guide to Temporal Bone Dissection focusses on temporal bone dissection using high-quality photography and clear, concise descriptions of the middle ear mastoid and neurotological surgery. 

Click here (PDF 8.5 MB) for information or to order the surgical book.

In 2005 Professor Marcus Atlas and Dr Peter O'Sullivan released a set of three DVD's covering Soft Tissue Approach, Middle Ear and Mastoid Surgery and Neurotology. The three volume collection provides a high quality recording of temporal bone dissection techniques.

  • Volume 1 of the DVD Collection deals with soft tissue approaches that are typically difficult to teach and learn.
  • Volume 2 of the DVD collection provides a step-by-step approach to middle ear and Mastoid Surgery.
  • Volume 3 of the DVD collection deals with neurotological procedures such as the translabyrinthine approach and endolymphatic sac surgery.

Both the surgical book and DVD collection has recently been included in the Royal Australian College of Surgeons ear surgery curriculum.

Click here (PDF 8.5 MB) for information or to order the DVD set.