Ear Wax & Foreign Body Management Course

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Offers practical advice and strategies to optimise management of patients with excess ear wax or a foreign body. 

Course Content:

  • Ear examination with an otoscope, headlight and specula
  • Identify ear wax blockage (cerumen impaction) - safely remove and proceed with treatment
  • Safely perform ear wax removal – ear suction, scooping

Included in cost:

  • Teaching by experienced clinicians
  • Hands on skills practice
  • Small group teaching – max group 6 per instructor

This course is suitable for GPs, registrars, audiologists and nurses with recent clinical practice. Over the course of 3.5 hours (8:30 am - 12:00 pm) a maximum group of up to 12 people (1 instructor per 6 participants) will participate in small group scenarios. The session is RACGP certified (QI&CME CAT 2, 8 points) and can be ASA accredited for audiologists (audiologists can submit for accreditation). The course costs $275 + booking fee.

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About the Ear Wax & Foreign Body Management Course

Ear Wax (or Cerumen) is a substance that is naturally produced by the body, and which acts as an agent to protect the ear, for example from insects – due to the naturally bitter composition of the wax, and to help remove small foreign particles such as dust. Ears are naturally self-cleaning, but on occasion the cerumen may need intervention to remove it. This can occur if there is wax impaction, if a foreign body is in the ear canal, or if an audiologist requires a completely clear canal in order to take the impressions to fit hearing aids.

In the case of wax impaction, symptoms can include hearing problems, itching, discomfort and tinnitus. Balance may sometimes be affected.

Removal of the cerumen should always be undertaken by a person who is aware of the possible damage that can occur if this procedure is not performed properly. In fact, one of the most common reasons for patients taking action against their General Practitioner arises from poor management of cerumen impaction and the subsequent damage that it causes!

Course Content

Our highly regarded course is one of the few that is taught in Australia, and is taught by experts with significant experience and expertise in removal of ear wax. We teach both theory and a practical component, utilising the most advanced simulation equipment available.  We teach simple techniques that patients can use to manage their wax, as well as more advanced techniques, which include syringing and suctioning, and proper use of the equipment.  Recent clinical practice is a pre-requisite.

What to expect from the Ear Wax & Foreign Body Management Course

You will receive a half day’s training, at the purpose built simulation training Centre – The Avant Education Centre, located in Perth, Western Australia. We encourage you to try out the different techniques and to bring along questions, examples and case studies from your own practice that our resident expert can help answer.

What to bring to the Ear Wax & Foreign Body Management Course

We strongly encourage all our participants to wear comfortable clothing and be aware that there is a physical element to participation in the course.  Closed shoes are mandatory for Occupational Health and Safety.  If you have a physical limitation or an injury, please ensure that this is discussed with the course instructor on the day, so that this can be taken into account.

We have change room facilities and end of trip facilities available on site. Lockers are provided for your convenience and we encourage you to utilise these.

Certificate of Attendance

All our participants receive a Certificate of Attendance. The course is accredited by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine.

Course Costs

The cost of the course is $275, which includes all materials, tea and coffee on arrival, and morning tea.

Parking and Transport

The Avant Education Centre is located on the ground floor of Ear Science Institute Australia.  We are located close to the Subiaco train station, and serviced by nearby bus routes. We suggest using the Transperth Journey Planner if you are planning to use public transport. There is pay-parking available in the Basement of the Ear Science Institute Australia, or there is nearby street parking available.