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Noise Induced Hearing Loss prevention in the workplace

It is of utmost importance for employers to protect employee hearing. The effects of noise on hearing cannot be reversed - there is no ‘cure’ for noise induced hearing loss. Once acquired, hearing loss can have significant impacts on an individual's day-to-day life, employment options and communication abilites, which can lead to social withdrawal and even total social isolation. 

Customised hearing plugs are an effective option for workplaces and employers to keep noise exposure below the Australian Noise Exposure Standard. In collaboration with Lions Hearing Clinic, Ear Science Community works to provide businesses across WA with this proven hearing protection solution.

Our hearing protection is specifically designed and prepared for the individual and his/her needs. In a 30 minute consultation with each employee, one of our qualified audiologists will take a deep impression of the ear. About two weeks later, the personalised ear plugs for your workplace will be available for collection.

Customised hearing protection ensures your plugs have a precise, secure fit and are comfortable and reliable for daily use. Our plugs are designed to last several years if used appropriately.

To complement this service we can provide OSH-approved ear muffs and a customised noise prevention training program, tailored to your workplace and industry needs.

To organise onsite services, please contact Sharon Safstrom on (08)6380 4900 or

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