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Ear Science Institute Australia proudly supports the Lions Hearing Dogs, a not for profit organisation that trains and provides hearing dogs to hearing impaired people throughout Australia. Like Seeing-Eye Dogs for people with impaired vision, Lions Hearing Dogs help people with hearing loss.

Lions Hearing Dogs are rescue dogs, adopted from shelters all across Australia. Any dog with the right personality can be trained be a Hearing Dog and they range in breed and size. The organisation trains the pups to let humans know when there is a sound to respond to. The dogs are trained to respond to a range of sounds including the doorbell, phone alerts, kitchen alarms, smoke alarms and house alarms. The dogs alert their owners to everyday sounds but also help protect their owners by alerting them to emergency situations. Lions Hearing Dogs provide increased independence and companionship to people with hearing loss.

Lions Hearing Clinics support Lions Hearing Dogs by assisting with their fundraising efforts. We sell Lions Hearing Dogs Calanders in all of our clinics and all funds raised are given to Lions Hearing Dogs.

If you would like to find out more about the Lions Hearing Dogs click here.  
If you would like to donate and support the Lions Hearing Dogs click here.

If you would like to purchase a calander to support the Lions Hearing Dogs visit your local Lions Hearing Clinics. For a full list of Lions Hearing Clinic locations, click here



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