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Between the 16th of January to the 22nd of January we hosted a week celebrating kids with cochlear implants on our
Ear Science Facebook page. Click the teasers below to see the stories we shared!

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Olivia's story

Olivia has grown up with hearing loss her whole life. At just 3 months old she was diagnosed profoundly deaf and when she was only 11 months old she was fitted with her first cochlear implant. Unfortunately at age 6 she was still struggling to hear.

3 Generations of Hearing Implants

Over the last 10 years, one family has received the gift of hearing three times. Leslie French, his daughter Jody Maitland and his grandson Hayden Maitland all have hearing loss yet through the amazing technology of cochlear implants, they are now able to hear with clarity and understand their loved ones speak!

What is the right age to get a cochlear implant?

By the age 3, children need to hear approximately 30,000 words a day to develop the language skills necessary to succeed in school and everyday life.


EnginEars is a hearing implant program for kids run by our Ear Science Clinic and the School of Special Needs Sensory

Joe's story

Joe's cochlear implants help him hear his teammates, coach and have the time of his life.

Lily's Story

Lily's mother wanted her daughter to have the gift of hearing everyone else had...