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Jake's Story

I lost the hearing in my right ear after having an Acoustic Neuroma removed. The operation caused total hearing loss in my right ear, and also affected my balance and directional hearing.

I visited the Ear Science Institute Australia, and they recommended implanting me with a magnetic bone-anchored hearing aid (BAHA) device.

I had the operation earlier this year, and it went very smoothly – in and out in just two days. The following month, I had my switch-on. To test it, we blocked the hearing in my good ear – which would have normally meant I couldn’t hear anything – but WOW. It got very emotional. The look on my face brought tears to my wife’s eyes; she could see that I could hear her.

It’s been amazing. At work, I’ve found a massive difference – before, I could not hear people talking to me from my right side. Now, I no longer have to worry about the direction a speaker or sound is coming from. I find that I am no longer turning my head to hear people talking – whereas before the operation, I often looked like I was looking away from the speaker.

I can Bluetooth my iPhone to the unit and control volumes and tone, set up locations and pre-sets, which means I don’t need to take the remote with me everywhere. The Bluetooth also means I can listen to music without disturbing anyone else, and I can use my phone as a remote microphone – really good for meetings.

I have been back to the Institute for my follow up appointment which was really useful, as I requested an extra pre-set with a louder output for noisy situations.

In the aftermath of a bad situation (a brain tumour), this has been a very positive experience, and the staff have been professional and helpful.

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