Mentor Support

When you receive an implantable hearing device, you are not alone in this journey. The Ear Science Clinic offers a mentor program, which provides an opportunity for potential hearing implant recipients in our program, to talk to one or more of the recipients of hearing implants.

These mentors kindly share their experiences and journey to improved hearing. They are helpful in discussing the following areas:

  • Having realistic expectations of both yourself and your family
  • Their experience with the surgery
  • Their experiences since activation of the device including the programming and the rehabilitation exercises
  • Understanding how the implantable device will change the you and your families lives
  • Answer any questions that you may prefer to ask a recipient rather than your hearing health professional

The Implant Audiologist will go through the list of mentors and match recipients and prospective recipients, where possible, according to age, hearing and amplification history, duration of deafness, and type of deafness.

Contact is arranged via email and in many cases, people are meeting for coffee and many friendships have developed through this mentor program. 

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