Speech pathology

Hearing ability and speech development are linked.

There is a crucial window for speech and language development, which occurs between birth and three years of age. Once this window lapses, it becomes more difficult to teach a child the skills they need to hear, interpret and replicate sounds.

The Ear Science Clinic’s comprehensive services include speech pathology and speech therapy to bridge any gaps in your child’s language or speech development after s/he has received an implantable device.

It may take six to twelve months before your child will start to understand the meaning of words - although for some children, this can happen sooner.

We understand that each child is different, and will tailor speech and communication tactics to their capabilities. This can include:

  • Visual cues or manual communication (sign language).
  • Lip reading.
  • Voice moderation and word formation therapies.

For more information, please book an appointment at the Ear Science Clinic.