Welcoming the new year with a splash!

As 2018 commences with our Director getting ready to swim an ocean for our Gift of Hearing Appeal, we are all re-energised and ready to continue to tackle the hard questions in ear and hearing research.
The Race to Rottnest
2018 began with a swim in the icey cold waters of Cottesloe for our Director Prof Marcus Atlas as he ramped up his training for Rottnest Channel Swim.
Joined by a group of close friends, John Harris, Brad Same, Rhonda Birch and Ian Beachem, Prof Atlas has been preparing for the swim which the team will complete with the aim of raising $10,000 for our Gift of Hearing Appeal.
In total, the team will have completed in excess of 150 hours worth of swimming and resistance training to prepare for the challenge.
To support Marcus and his team as they swim to raise funds for critical research as part of our Gift of Hearing Appeal, please click here.