Water wise with your implant

When protected by Cochlear’s Aqua covers or Med-El’s Waterware covers, the latest cochlear device models allow you to enjoy water recreations with peace of mind that your implant will remain safe. There are different covers for different model devices – just ensure the cover is securely attached so it doesn’t get lost.
Moisture management
Following the Perth heatwave this summer, our audiologists have reported an increase in device faults due to moisture issues. But why did this happen?
Perspiration causes devices to experience ongoing moisture exposure. This is more damaging than occassionally splashing the device, as ongoing moisture exposure usually occurs over long periods of time and on a daily basis. It is important to use the Dry Store provided with the device every night, to prolong the lifespan of the speech processor, and to limit the amount of problems that you experience with your device.
In very moist environments, (such as working in the sun or exercising in a gym), swimming covers or Ear Gear are recommended.