Transforming aged care services with Jordan

Audiology Community Services Liaison, Jordan Bishop, was warmly welcomed to aged care facility St Louis Estate. Jordan is passionate about being connected with people in aged care – It’s clear the difference she can make simply by being there.
“One patient at Bethanie was brought to us at the insistence of his son – he would not have had his hearing tested otherwise.”
So why is working with aged care facilities so important?
We can test their hearing aids where they’ll be used most
Jordan says working with the person in their own home is perfect for optimising their hearing aids.
“When someone tells us they can’t hear in the craft or lunch room, we can go there together, assess the environment, then check that our changes have helped.”
For Jordan, the difference we can make in people’s lives is motivating.
“I believe that this is a demographic that needs our services and expertise. As an industry we can be serving them better.
I’m really grateful to be a part of an organisation that wants to look at how we can improve services in aged care, and it has been great being on the team shaping that change.
I like being able to make a difference on the spot, by being in someone’s own environment, rather than having to wait for a review appointment to see how they went.”
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