Swimming for hearing

Our Gift of Hearing Appeal is close to the hearts of all who work at Ear Science Institute Australia, and none more so than our very own Director, Professor Marcus Atlas. 
Marcus is actively involved in our appeal since it began many years ago. He participates at many of the Gift of Hearing events, performs cochlear implant surgeries for Gift of Hearing recipients, and he is also a key member of our research team on the pursuit for a cure for hearing loss.
On top of this and his very busy schedule, Marcus also puts on his speedo’s every February to assist us in fundraising through competing in the Karma Resorts Rottnest Channel Swim. 
Marcus has been in training for months to prepare for the icy waters and the swim, which on a good day will take at least 6 hours! He will battle the elements and nature’s beasts under the water to make the journey, together with his swimming team, from Cottesloe Beach to Rottnest, a 19.25km swim.
To show your support of Marcus’s swim across the Rottnest Channel for the Gift of Hearing Appeal, please click here or go to the below web address: