Patient experiences, supporter origin stories and Public Service Announcements: Ear Science in the media

This month, Ear Science is shining a light on our work and impact to celebrate our Gift of Hearing Appeal charity dinner.
Throughout the month, Ear Science patients, audiologists and key supporters are sharing their expertise across Australian TV, newspapers, and online platforms.
Moving stories
Bilateral cochlear implant recipient, Michele, appeared alongside Professor Marcus Atlas on Today Tonight. Tune in to hear Michele’s emotional story, from growing up with partial hearing loss to going “suddenly Deaf” overnight – then receiving two life-changing cochlear implants from Professor Marcus Atlas. Michele spoke at the charity dinner firsthand.
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Our supporters’ origin stories
Do you know why some of our biggest supporters started supporting Ear Science? Their stories might surprise you. From George Jones’ fight with Meniere’s disease, to Jim Litis’ search for an expert for his son’s ear surgery, each has a personal connection.
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More stories coming soon, including a major story on Ita Buttrose AO OBE’s incredible support for Ear Science.