Hearing Awareness Week 2017

Hearing Awareness Week 2017 Schedule:
To celebrate Hearing Awareness Week 2017, Ear Science Institute Australia is releasing a series of educational videos promoting hearing research and new hearing devices. Please see below for a full schedule of our online video suite:

Online Video 1: “Imagine if instead of receiving a hearing device, new hearing stem cells are transplanted into your ear.”
Our Ear Science researchers are investigating if stem cells can cure hearing loss. To view this innovative new research click here. 

Online Video 2: “Can cochlear implants reduce the rate of depression, anxiety and social isolation?”
Our Ear Science researchers have investigated if hearing loss patients with depression, anxiety and/or social isolation can benefit from cochlear implants. To view these incredible new research findings click here.

Online Video 3: “The Future of Hearing Devices is here! Discover an innovative new hearing device.” 
Our Lions Hearing Clinics are fitting incredible new hearing devices. To learn more about these innovative new devices click here.