Ear Science Director Swims for Hearing

Through the annual Karma Resorts Rottnest Channel Swim, Ear Science Institute Australia Director Winthrop Professor Marcus Atlas and his friends work to illustrate their enduring commitment and passion for the Gift of Hearing Appeal, dedicating themselves to the hours spent training for and completing the event.
This coming year, The Gift of Hearing Swim Team, headed by Professor Atlas, will compete in the Karma Resorts Rottnest Channel Swim on Saturday 25 February, 2017.
The team is aiming to raise $10,000 for the Gift of Hearing Appeal through the 19.7km open ocean event. Can you help them achieve their goal?
“The Gift of Hearing Appeal is very close to my heart. The appeal supports our research into a cure for hearing loss.The Gift of Hearing campaign in 2016 supported unbelievable discoveries at Ear Science Institute Australia. We found exciting new ways to restore hearing and this year we want to continue and get closer to finding a cure which would help millions of people in the world,” Professor Atlas said.
“Please support me as I swim across the Rottnest Channel to raise funds for The Gift of Hearing Appeal.”
We thank you for your generosity and your support for Professor Atlas, as he works to achieve his fundraising goal.
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